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The Will of Peter Forstall of Carrickcloney

Forstall or Forrestal History

The Will of Peter Forstall of Carrickcloney

Transcription and notes by Michael Forrestal Keller, April, 2024.

Peter or Pierce Forstall Gent of Carrickcloney Castle, was the son and heir of Edmond Forstall of Mullennahone Castle (d. 1677) and Elizabeth Butler of Danganspidoge Castle. The full transcription of Peter’s Will, as presented below, appears to have never been published until now (to the best knowledge of the present author), three hundred and forty-one years after its creation. In the 19th century two extracts of Peter’s Will were completed, one by Sir William Betham, Ulster King of Arms, and the other by Irish genealogist Denis Fisher O’Callaghan. While these extracts suffice in identifying the principal individuals mentioned in Peter’s will, a comprehensive examination of the will reveals the extent of authority bestowed upon the overseers appointed by Peter, as well as a crucial detail omitted from the extracts.

17th century Down Survey Map depictions of Carrickcloney or ‘Carrignegloniny’ Castle and Aylwardstown Castle, the residences of Peter Forstall (d. 1683), and his brother-in-law Peter Aylward.

The significance of Peter’s complete will surviving is coupled by the existence of the will of Robert Forstall of Kilfera (d. 1645), which also remains intact. After the Eleven Years’s War in Ireland, the Kilfera Forstall lineage would no longer possess lands in fee, whereas Peter’s lineage would recover property subsequent to the Articles of Limerick, which they did then hold in fee, thus cementing Peter’s branch as the new chief line, or most powerful lineage of the Forstall or Forrestal family in Ireland. The overseers outlined in Peter’s will were his brother-in-law Peter Aylward of Aylwardstown, who would marry Elizabeth Butler, daughter of Sir Richard Butler of Polestown; William Daton or Dalton, who was confirmed as Bishop of Ossory in 1696; Redmond Daton or Dalton of Gurteens, brother of William; and Peter Forstall, most likely the first cousin of Peter of Carrickcloney. William Dalton and Remond Dalton were both cousins of Nicholas FitzGerald of Flemingstown, thus making the brothers also cousins to said Peter Aylward and Mary Aylward (the wife of Peter Forstall of Carrickcloney), whose grandmother Ellen FitzGerald was the daughter of Nicholas FitzGerald of Gurteens Castle (Nicholas FitzGerald being the ancestor of Nicholas FitzGerald of Flemingstown and namesake of Peter and Mary Aylward’s father, Nicholas Aylward).

Peter Aylward of Aylwardstown and Shankill.

Portrait of Peter Aylward of Aylwardstown, brother-in-law of Peter Forstall of Carrickcloney and overseer of Peter’s Will. Peter Aylward would marry Elizabeth Butler of Polestown and afterwards reside at Shankill Castle, Co. Kilkenny.

The descendants of Peter Forstall of Carrickcloney have been traced in great detail in The Lineage of Mullennahone 1571-1855, along with their kinship network which stretched well into the twentieth century. It is indeed remarkable that both the Kilfera and Mullennahone Forstall lineages have surviving wills from the 17th century completely preserved. Furthermore, the Will of Dr. Mark Forstall, a significant member of the family who was appointed as Bishop of Kildare in 1676, also survives in tact.

The Will of Peter Forstall of Carrickcloney

Transcribed by Michael Forrestal Keller, April, 2024.

In the name of God Amen. I Peter fforstall of Carrigloniny in the County of Kilkenny Gent Going sick in body but in perfect health and memory I thank my Almighty Doe make this my last will and testament in manner and form following this fifth day of April in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred eighty and three as followeth, Juryprisuis doe leave & bequeath all my estate & all unto my sonn and heir Edmond fforstall and for want of issue male of his body lawfully begotten to my second sonn Nicholas and for want of issue of his body lawfully begotten to my third sonn James & for want of issue male of his body lawfully begotten for my fourth son Richard and for want of issue male lawfully begotten by his body to my fifth son Ailward fforstall and for want of issue male of his body lawfully begotten then to the right heirs of me the said Peter fforstall Item I leave and bequeath unto my best beloved wife Mary fforstall als Aylward all my personal estate and doe appoint my said wife & my said sonn and heir Executors of this my last will and, Item I conshhito appoint and name Peter Aylward my brother in law of Aylwardstowne in the county of Kilkenny Gent Redmund Daton of the said County Gent and William Daton and Peter fforstall of the said County Gent Overseers of this my last will and testament & do appoint my said Overseers to sett out portions Severally unto my Children both male and female out all my estate all and whatever my said four Overseers jointly shall doe therein shall be of as much force in Law as if the said portions were cutt out or sett apart severally unto every one of my Children by mee the said Peter fforstall Item I leave unto the Clergy for my soul six pounds for In testimony whereof I putt  my hand and fix my seal the day & year above written Signed Sealed and published before Anthony fforstall Ma: Aylward

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