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Edmond Duff Forstall

Forstall or Forrestal History

The Pedigree of Edmond Duff Forstall, Gent, of Gurteens Castle & Kellymount

Edmond Dubh or Duff Forstall was the son of Pierce or Peter Forstall of Carrickcloney Castle and Mary Aylward of Aylwardstown. He was a captain in the Dragoon army of Louis XIV and commanded the Irish at Limerick.

The following page is from the genealogical charts section of the third edition of The Lineage of Mullennahone 1571-1855 published in September of 2022. The book contains hundreds of references, footnotes, and crucial evidence pertaining to the Mullennahone and Carrickcloney Forstall or Forrestal lineage and their descendants.

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